• In 2016
      In June, Company successfully joined the Chinese Enterprise Anti-fraud Alliance.
      In July, Company's internal publication "Amazing Xinbao Staff" was founded.
      In August, Company implemented strategy cooperation with Baking APP.
      In Auguest, Waylim Plastic Company affiliated to Xinbao Company was approved in the listing of New Three Board.
      In December, Company's global sales was close to 7 billions RMB.
    • In 2015
      In June, Company set up "Xinbao Green Smart Kitchen Small Household Appliances Research Institute" .
      In December, Company's global sales was close to 6.3 billions RMB.
    • In 2014
      In January, Xinbao Company was successfully listed in Shenzhe Stock Exchange.
      In December, Company's global sales was close to 6 billions RMB.
    • In 2013
      In January, Company passed the continued review of AQSIQ on the Exported Electric Kettle Exempt from inspection.
      In November, The former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress and director of the China Customs Committee Gu Xiulian visited our company.
    • In 2012
      In March, Donlim Electric Appliance Company in Chuzhou was officially completed and put into production.
      In August, Premier Wen Jiabao visited Xinbao Company and held a forum for enterprisers.
    • In 2011
      In December, Company's export share of Electric kettle, Drip coffee maker, Toaster and Blender has been ranked No.1 for 5 continuous years.
    • In 2010
      In January, company launched the first domestic soya milk maker.
      In September, Vietnamese promotional activities were successfully held and "Donlim" brand entered Asian market officially.